Senior Director User Experience | May 2010 - Present
For the bulk of my career at ABCo, I led the User Experience organization within the Crimson technology division.  I recruited and managed ~40 FTEs to build out teams of frontend engineering, user research, user experience strategy, user interface design and platform development to support 10+ product lines valued at ~$500M in revenue annually.  Products supported by the UX team’s efforts generated $1B in client-validated ROI in 2016.  After serving as the UX leader for 8+ years, I recently moved into a strategic role serving as an expert consultant and designer to mission critical product teams struggling to launch, meet utilization goals, or in need of a complete experience overhaul.

Director User Experience | June 2008 - April 2010
After the Crimson acquisition, I continued delivering on all aspects of UX including leading the experience strategy, interaction design and visual design for multiple healthcare technology product launches.  My process involved stakeholder & user interviews, distillation of foundational research into a high-level ux strategy, collaboration with product management on product feature prioritization, sketching storyboards, wireframing and prototyping layout & flows, producing high fidelity visual designs, and collaboration with developers on feasibility and execution.  As the products quickly expanded from 1-3 in the first two years, I established the Advisory Board company’s first ever UX design team and its charter, bringing a new design modality and user-centered strategy focused on adoption and utilization to ultimately drive contract renewal.  Among many other creative side-projects – such as conference presentations, marketing materials, sales demos, t-shirts, posters, etc – I led several growing office remodels including chairing the design committee for our $6M office renovation to accommodate a growing company and to attract top talent.

CRIMSON | Austin

User Experience Lead & Creative Director | June 2004 - May 2008
As their first hire, I once again joined the founders of WhisperWire as they bootstrapped their healthcare startup, Crimson, a SaaS business intelligence platform to help hospitals reduce variability amongst physicians and improve patient outcomes.  I was responsible for all things creative and user experience: branding, website, marketing materials, process flows, concept models, sketches, wireframes, prototypes, high-fidelity interface designs, and frontend development.  As with any bootstrap, I wore many more hats than I could list here.  Over four years we quickly grew our client base from 1 alpha partner to 17 nationally recognized health systems.  With enough revenue to last well into 2010 we expanded our operation to 8 employees and began exploring acquisitions.  In May of 2008 we successfully completed our acquisition by the Advisory Board for $24M.


User Experience Designer | June 2016 - Present
I was contracted by Advisory Board’s former CTO, David Chao, PhD., to design company identity, marketing materials, online/offline user journey, and user interface prototypes used to launch his startup, NextStepCare. In early 2017, through Dr. Chao, I was contracted by Oncolign to develop a series of user interface prototypes for a proactive approach toward patient engagement to improve outcomes, care delivery, quality, and patient experience within an oncology service line.


User Experience Director & Creative Advisor | August 2011 - January 2014
As a side-project, the founders of a social gifting application personally recruited me to design the identity, marketing materials, entire user experience, and help launch their application that let users register for gifts and tap into their Facebook network to pool contributions from friends and family.  Think Kickstarter for Facebook.  We successfully launched in late 2011 and grew the customer base to over to 1500 registered users. Our work was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies of 2012, winner of Best Social Startup at New York Tech Day 2013, and Mashable’s 2011 Spark of Genius series. Unfortunately, we had to eventually shutter operations after Facebook launched a native gifting functionality.


Senior User Interface Designer & Developer | November 2000 - June 2004
My first startup was WhisperWire, an Austin Ventures-backed organization, that was building a telecom configuration platform to assist salespeople with guided solution design and context-specific sales mentoring.  I reported directly to the co-founder and was responsible for writing the frontend and ensuring the flagship product’s user interface strategy, information architecture, design, usability, and content aligned to our emerging business strategies through iterative designs and client reviews. In May 2004, WhisperWire was acquired by Convergys Corp for an undisclosed sum.  Shortly after I was recruited by the founders to help launch Crimson, their next startup.


Architectural Sciences and Technology | 1992 - 1996

More History

Web Designer & Developer  | April 1999 - November 2000

Web Designer & Developer | February 1998 - April 1999
Senior Manager Helpdesk & Desktop Services | June 1996 - April 1999


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